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Sambhali Trust : Rajasthan India

Visiting Rajasthan one might see the golden glows of desert landscape and a bustling bazaar filled with the streaming colors of men and women.  Beneath this beautiful landscape however lies generations of societal discrimination in the form of a caste system.  Within Rajasthan society many women have little or no access to basic health resources or education, and many more experience violence against women both in the streets and at home.

There is the exception however, a safe haven in the midst of this distress known as Sambhali Trust.  An organization created with the intent to provide relief to rural and urban poor women in the form of basic healthcare, education, and vocational training.  Sambhali Trust also helps women create their own economic development, and the social skills needed to combat a system that enforces the subordination of women.

Sambhali Trust Payal Empowerment Center

Project focuses include establishing hospitals or medical centers, library and other educational institutions, organized training for women and youth, establish orphanages and animal care facilities, and to provide basic food, clothing, water, and medicine to those in need.

Sambhali Trust is a multi-pronged organization with facilities is Jodhpur, Payal, and Setrawa, all of which are aptly titled Empowerment Centers.  Together these organizations provide basic human rights and education, paid work, socializing skills workshops that build confidence and self-esteem within the women, and teach anti-domestic violence information and laws.

As a nonprofit organization Sambhali Trust relies on the volunteer efforts of many and each year they work hard to recruit volunteers from across the globe to help accomplish their goals.  If you’re looking for more than just a vacation but a way to connect with the local communities and also make a difference, volunteering with Sambhali Trust is a great way to get involved.

They are seeking volunteers and interns to help with administration, creating and running workshops, and teaching.  Sambhali Trust also encourages their interns and volunteers to create and expand with new ideas for workshops and other educational opportunities.

If you’re interested in volunteering or interning with Sambhali Trust:

Visit their contact information and form page here

Volunteer information

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