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Urique Canyon, Chihuahua , Mexico


One Heart World-Wide

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Working with One HEART is a part of my Public Health Practicum through Boston University’s School of Public Health


Personal funds that I saved over the 4 years prior to starting this adventure.

Primary Duties / Accomplishments

I am the Mexico Field Coordinator. Duties included rolling out a pilot pregnancy outreach education program to indigenous (Raramuri) villagers in remote regions of Copper Canyon. My duties included several weeks of “field trips” with outreach workers who hike 20 days a month and go door to door providing medical services to Raramuri in areas unreachable by road; developing and distributing teaching materials and memory aids for local volunteers and pregnant women about the warning signs of pregnancy complications, assisted in training outreach workers in the curriculum, managed project budget and staff, pregnancy database development, development of data collection tools for monitoring and evaluation purposes.  Finally, I was responsible for distributing “clean and safe birth kits” and prenatal vitamins to all pregnant women in our pilot area.

As I am only half way through my practicum at this point in time it is a little too early to say what we will accomplish during the six months I am here. Our hope is that we will have trained both our “master trainer” in our curriculum and a pilot group of 12 outreach workers by the time I leave at the end of June. 

Most Rewarding Aspect of Experience

Seeing the commitment of a few of the government outreach workers to the health of the Raramuri. The distances they travel and the knowledge base they have to take care of every man,woman and child is really inspiring.

All OHWW Mexico volunteers and staff at this point are Raramuri. Staying committed to working with indigenous volunteers and staff will be key if OHWW is achieve their goal of decreasing maternal mortality in this region.