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Are you ready to get involved, but find yourself wondering how?  Luckily there is a wealth of helpful information available!  Explore the websites below.  The links provided focus on funding, but some are just great resources, some for students and some for volunteers.  This list is not exhaustive, but we hope it will get you started!

Crowdfunding Sites

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects.

The world's funding platform. Fund your passion.
Crowdfund Visual Journalism
Community-funded Reporting


The Institute of International Education
IIE is a private nonprofit leader in the international exchange of people and ideas. In collaboration with governments, foundations and other sponsors, IIE creates programs of study and training for students, educators and professionals from all sectors. (database of study abroad programs as well as resources) (directory features detailed descriptions of hundreds of study abroad scholarships, fellowships, grants, and paid internships)

Study Abroad is a directory of study abroad programs, including summer study abroad, internship, service learning and volunteer abroad programs, high school study abroad, intensive language programs and more, all organized by subject or country or city.  They also list available scholarships.

NAFSA: Association of International Educators
Financial Aid and Study Abroad: Basic Facts for Students

The Center for Global Education

Promotes international education to foster cross-cultural awareness, cooperation and understanding.  Resources for Study Abroad.


A leading provider of study abroad programs.  More than $600,000 in scholarships awarded annually.

Grants and scholarships for foreign language study

Comprehensive source of student financial aid information, including study abroad.

University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center
Resources for study, service learning, intern, volunteer, work and travel experiences worldwide.

University of Michigan International Center
Provides options for studying, working, or traveling abroad to students.  Under “Study Abroad Web Sites” there are many resources for financial aid, grants, etc.

Volunteer Abroad

Fly for Good
Discounted travel for volunteers including international airfare. They also have an extensive database of volunteer opportunities that can be found easily using their “volunteer trip finder” or you can just browse through the countless non-profits in their “good network”.

International Volunteerism Resource Center

Global Volunteer Network
Ideas for fundraising

United Planet
Volunteer Abroad Scholarships and Grants
Ideas for fundraising

Travelocity – travel for good
$5000 Voluntourism Grant which is good for volunteer vacations through their partners that includes Cross-Cultural Solutions offering women focused trips.

Foundation for Sustainable Development
A wide variety of funding sources for students and professionals pursuing international internships and volunteer trips.

Cross-Cultural Solutions
List of funding resources including scholarships and fundraising.

Volunteers For Peace
Offer scholarships to volunteers who would like to participate in their service project opportunities.

IVC Volunteer Card
An ID card for volunteers with thousands of discounts plus the ability to add discounted travel insurance and 24/7 travel assistance.

Both Study and Volunteer Abroad

Go Abroad
An international education and experiential travel resource including databases for study abroad, volunteer abroad and more.

Transitions Abroad
Covers all education abroad options, from study abroad to educational travel. Offers full and free access to its vast online database of annotated resources and first-hand reports compiled by international education specialists and program participants over the past 30 years.
Scholarship and Financial Aid